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 Заглавие: отново saab coupe!!!
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обратно към корените
"През 2012 г. Saab ще направи дебют на 9-3. Моделът ще се предлага във версия хечбек с три и пет врати"
цялата статия е тук, дано да е истина.

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 Заглавие: Re: отново saab coupe!!!
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Ето още малко по темата (на английски):

A fresh start and now a fresh partner. Saab has revealed that it will link up with BMW to build the new Audi A1-rivalling 9-2. Plus, new boss Victor Muller has confirmed the Swedish brand will make a stylish coupé based on the 9-3.

Auto Express uncovered the plans to share technology during an exclusive interview with Muller at the recent Saab Festival in Trollhattan. “We could build the 9-2 on our own, but that wouldn’t make sense,” he said. “Thanks to the crisis in the industry, everyone is willing to share everything. So Spyker couldn’t have bought Saab at a better time.”

The firm is likely to tap into BMW’s planned joint project with PSA Peugeot Citroen to produce a front-wheel-drive chassis – this will underpin the next MINI and a version of the new 1-Series. Given Saab’s front-wheel-drive history, the sports-focused platform is a good fit.

Цялата статия тук

И някакъв пич, който бил "виждал" променената за 2011 9-3:

I have seen the car in person as a Griffin Aero variation …. and it really looks good.

Communications for the facelift will start around the end of August. The first cars should arrive some time in October. The MY11 will start a little later than usual because of the known problems in Sweden with suppliers.

New Colours: Javabrown (which looks brilliant – saw it on a 9-3 sedan on the factory tour) and Diamond Silver is also new. Snow Silver will be out of the program.

New rims: you will be able to get a 19 inch turbine wheel like the one from the 9-5.

Exterior: there is a new front fascia, inspired by the design of the 9-5. You can choose between two models “Vector Griffin” and “Griffin Aero”. The cars will have slightly different bumpers in the front. The headleamps get the iceblock design from the 9-5. In the back the car will loose the griffin badge and the “Saab” wordmark will appear on the chromeline. The sedan will get a hockeystick chromestripe around the windows.

The engines will include the Turbo4 and TID4 as well (TTiD4 too, for the higher output one – SW). The MY11 petrol engines for the 9-3 are new. There will be a 2.0 DI Engine with either 163 or 220hp. Diesel options will cover three variants – 130, 160 and 180hp. CO2 for the diesel is an estimated 119 grams.

The interior: There will be some slight changes – the silver stripe on the dashboard will be dark grey. The materials felt all a little better in terms of quality. The trim on the steering wheel and the shifter will be dark grey too.

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